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Students attending Elizabeth South Primary School wear clothing that allows them to participate in all areas of the curriculum and identifies them as members of our school community.

Wearing of school dress code enables students to develop a strong sense of identity as members of the school community. It minimises the likelihood of peer pressure impacting on students’ choice of clothing, reduces pressure on families to provide popular (and often expensive) brands of clothing and ensures that children are safe throughout the school day.


  • The school colours are navy blue and yellow.  Girls may wear blue and white checked school dresses. Navy or black bottoms are to be worn.
  • A supply of reasonably priced shirts and windcheaters are available at the school for purchase.
  • Families are welcome to purchase clothing of school colours from other retail outlets.
  • Students are required to wear a sun-safe school hat when engaging in outdoor activities.
  • Shoes should be appropriate for involvement in physical activity. Closed in shoes are preferable. Slip-on shoes, thongs and high/wedge heels should not be worn as they present a safety risk.
  • It is expected that clothing will adequately cover sensitive areas of the body to protect the skin from damage. (eg strapless, sleeveless and shoe string tops are not to be worn)
  • When students arrive for school in inappropriate/unsafe clothing or shoes, contact will be made with the family, by letter. 
  • If students are not in appropriate school tops, dress code tops will be provided for the day and need to be returned at the end of the day.
  • Families who are not able to provide suitable dress code for students should feel free to discuss this confidentially with a member of the leadership team.

Uniform Policy


 Short sleeved polo  $20.00 Sizes 4-16 available
 Short sleeved senior polo (Year 6/7 only)  $28.00 Sizes 12, 14 and Large
 Fleece jumper  $25.00 Sizes 4-8 available
 Fleece zip jacket  $25.00 Sizes 4-16 available
 Bucket hat  $5.00 Sizes S, M, L available


*Please note: Adult sizes available on request. Price may be higher than advertised for junior sizes*

*Size availability varies. Please see Front Office staff to order specific sizes*