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  • we are safe
  • we are powerful learners
  • we are safe
  • we are respectful
  • we are united as a team

Welcome to Elizabeth South Primary School

Elizabeth South Primary School was the first public school established in Elizabeth in 1956. Over the past four years the school has been transformed, with classes de-institutionalised and deprivatised to ensure inclusive education for all in a comfortable, friendly learning environment.

The Elizabeth South Primary School Learning Code outlines the school vision through the following statements; We are Powerful Learners, We take Pride, We are Safe, We are Respectful and We are United as a Team. The Learning Code influences expectations and decision making and underpins the behaviours we believe are important to help students achieve to their full potential.

The school improvement priorities for 2018 are Literacy and Numeracy. There is agreement that achievement of the targets is the shared responsibility of all. Our work on wellbeing is driven by the Berry Street Education Model. In 2018 we are a pilot site in the Elizabeth Partnership and we look forward to sharing information with the community through newsletters, website and Facebook page. The Berry Street Education Model is a trauma-sensitive approach to teaching and learning which supports all learners to develop a strong understanding of their own bodies and how they respond to stress. The five components of the model are; Body, Relationship, Engagement, Stamina and Character. It ties in closely with the Positive Education Model the school has embedded over the past four years.

Specialist programs offered at Elizabeth South Primary School include; Stephanie Alexander Kitchen/Garden Program, Health/Physical Education and Visual Arts/Media Arts. In addition to this, we are very lucky to have Musica Viva running a residency program with our students, which provides students with opportunties to develop their musical abilities. Our language other than English is AUSLAN (Sign Language) which is integrated into all learning areas and is delivered by classroom teachers.

Enrolment currently sits on 210 students, with eight R-7 mainstream classes and two Area Resource Special Classes (R-2 & Yr 3-7). The student population is diverse with 12% (27) of students representing a range of cultural backgrounds. Aboriginal students make up 19% (41) of the school population and 28% (60) of the students are Students with Disabilities, inclusive of the 20 students in the special classes. Approximately 90% of students are eligible for school card.

 Steve Clarke - Principal

Father's Day Stall
Week 6
29 Aug 2019
Museum Trip - C8
Week 8
10 Sep 2019
School Disco
Week 8
11 Sep 2019
Zoo Trip - C5
Week 8
12 Sep 2019
Pupil Free Day
Week 8
13 Sep 2019
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