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School Assemblies


Assemblies are currently held on Wednesdays in Weeks 4 and 8, and the last Friday of term, at 9:10am in the Gym. All parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend.

Assemblies are the opportunity for you to see some of the learning that is occurring in classes. They also highlight the positive ways that students are demonstrating the school values, learning code, learning dispositions and individual achievements.

Term 2

C5 (Ms Jenni's class) will host on Wednesday in Week 4 from 9:10 with items from all Junior Primary classes.

D7 (Ms Kerri's class) will host and present on Wednesday in Week 8 from 9:10 with items from all Primary classes.

A general end-of-term assembly will be held on Friday in Week 10 at 9:10am.

Community members are welcome to attend our assemblies and celebrate the great learning at Elizabeth South Primary School.