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Enrol Your Child

enrol your childPlease contact the school on 82552219 and make an enqiry with an office staff member and a member of our leadership team will be in contact with you about further enrolment information and a tour of our school following your enquiry. 


There is a single starting date and all students starting primary school start school the first day of term one. Children who turn five before the 1st of May begin school at the start of the year. Those who turn five after that date begin school the following year.

The new start date will mean that all children will have four terms of preschool (Kindergarten) and four terms of Reception.

Sir Thomas Playford Kindergarten is co-located on the same site. Transition will be ongoing with the Kindergarten and Junior Primary teachers developing ways to strengthen transition processes.

A formal transition program in Term 4 prior to Reception will include:-

  • A visit by the staff and/or students from the kindy and/or kindy staff.
  • A series of visits will occur for 6 weeks of Term 4 building form 2 hours through to a full day visit in Week 8. An invitation letter is sent to each new student from the school outlining the school visits program.
  • We recommend that families monitor their children during the first few weeks of commencing school and if they appear overly tired negotiate some shorter days or even a ‘day-off’ with the classroom teacher to help smooth the transition to school.
  • A Reception Transition Pack (Enrolment Pack) has been put together to introduce our new Reception students to some of the things that they will encounter at school. Especially useful for those who do not have older siblings at school.