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Powerful Learning

Powerful Learning helps to give all young people the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and values they need to thrive and contribute to society, in the face of the challenges and opportunities they will meet.
Our school vision is that we are a collaborative learning community in an environment that contributes to learners’ resilience, positive relationships, learning skills and high aspirations.

What this means is achievement - not for most learners, but for all learners.

With the introduction of Powerful Learning in 2016, we are excited that our school is in a very strong position in developing students who can successfully build up their mental, emotional and social resources to enjoy challenges and cope well with uncertainty and complexity.

Research shows that students who: love reading, enjoy challenge, ask questions, collaborate well, concentrate strongly, show initiative, take pride in their progress, use their imagination, design their own learning, give feedback, accept feedback graciously, tinker and improve and reflect effectively – are well equipped to navigate their way successfully through life.

Powerful Learning:

  • Develops students’ portable learning habits
  • Prepares young people for a lifetime of learning
  • Enhances student progress and schools’ results

The 17 learning dispositions we focus on as a part of our Powerful Learning journey are;

  • Collaboration
  • Managing Distractions
  • Imagining
  • Planning
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy and Listening
  • Noticing
  • Questioning
  • Revising
  • Interdependence
  • Reasoning
  • Absorption
  • Distilling
  • Imitation
  • Meta-learning
  • Making Links
  • Capitalising

We will be learning these dispositions as a whole school on a fortnightly rotation, starting with collaboration.

learning power equation

image source: http://www.buildinglearningpower.com/