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Pastoral Care Worker

Natalie Bubner

A Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) is a trained, experienced and passionate person who joins a school community on behalf of the local churches to provide extra support to young people.

PCW’s are a positive role models who bring genuine compassion, understanding and practical ongoing support to students and families.

PCW’s work alongside and complement other welfare and wellbeing staff in schools.

Pastoral Care Workers’ main tasks are:

  •   To support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment
  •   To support the wellbeing of students, staff, and families
  •   To link families to community resources and services

The Pastoral Care Worker providing a Chaplaincy Service at Elizabeth South Primary School is Natalie Bubner.

Natalie is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, or you can leave a message for her at reception.

You can read more about Pastoral Care Workers and the Chaplaincy Service by downloading the brochure below.

 Pastoral Care Worker (pdf 348kb)