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The Arts



Visual Arts and Media Arts

These 2 sections of the Arts allow students to be creative and imaginative as they learn different techniques and methods to create art. Students receive a lesson every week allowing them to grow as artists and develop their own sense of artistic ability.

Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music)

This section of the Arts allow students to be creative whilst performing on a stage to an audience.

Students learn to dance and act with a specialised teacher whilst improving their confidence being on stage.

Students confidence levels have increased and watching them perform to others as part of an event or during class time truly brings smiles to kids faces.

Weekly music lessons have started in every class as of Term 3, 2017 as part of a Music Residency Program sponsored by Musica Viva. Students are very excited to be learning music with some students chosen to receive specialised music lessons in Guitar or Percussion. Our Year 6/7 students are also involved in the Playford International College Instrumental Music Program in 2018. 


A large group of primary students work together every 2nd year to perform at Wakakirri - which showcases the talent and love for performing that many of our students have.


Students in years 5-7 have the opportunity every year to be part of the school's choir. The choir perform at all school assemblies and also perform as part of the Festival of Music with other schools around the state in Term 3. Students also perform in the Northern Music Festival early in Term 4 at the Starplex complex in Gawler.

End of Year Concert

The entire school performs at an End of Year Concert (week 8, Term 3). Classes work very hard to put an item together based around a section of Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music). It is a great community event where audiences are able to see the talent displayed at Elizabeth South Primary School.