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The Canteen operates from 8.30 in the morning and lunch can be ordered from the canteen before school.

The Canteen is open to students at Recess and Lunch times. An assortment of healthy snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

Price lists are provided to all classes and are sent home each year or when changes are made. Lunch bags are available from the canteen if you would like to fill these in at home. A current price list can be seen on the website.

Orders are sent to the canteen with the lunch monitors by 9:15 am.

Lunches are picked up at 10:45 am by class monitors.

Governing Council has determined that no credit will be given to parents and students.

Children without lunch:
When a child comes to school without lunch s/he may be sent to the front office. A simple lunch such as a vegemite sandwich will be provided.

 2017 Canteen Price List (pdf 370kb)