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School History

historyElizabeth South Primary School opened in February 1956 as the first school in the Elizabeth area. The wooden ‘temporary’ buildings remained for the next 25 years, until in 1981 the new brick buildings were opened. The first headmaster was Mr C.T.R. Hall and Miss S. Canning was headmistress of the infants.

The school began with only 90 students of all nationalities within one classroom.  The first year saw staff and students tackle difficult conditions with enthusiasm. Staff and students dealt with very few reading books and no electricity. Parent evenings were held by candlelight and assemblies were held on a sea of red mud. With no toilet block, students needed to walk over to the empty houses on Goodman Road if nature called. Workmen were adding to the school throughout the first year to cope with its explosive growth. During the schools second year, it grew to more than 2000 students making it the biggest in the state.

Throughout the 60 years, Elizabeth South Primary School has continued to cater for a diverse range of cultures. Operating as a Junior and Primary School for many years, the two schools amalgamated in the late 1990’s to form one R-7 school.  The school prides itself on having high expectations and providing a quality education for students in the area.

Exerpts taken from Elizabeth The Garden City by Margaret Galbreath and Gillian Pearson

In 2018 the Playford City Council celebrated the History Festival by creating a short film in which current students, as well as old scholars, reflected on their time as students at Elizabeth South Primary School. This was presented in a special assembly, hosted at Elizabeth South Primary School on Friday 11th May, with special guests Glenn Docherty - Playford City Mayor and Helen Connolly - Commissioner for Children and Young People. The film was buried, along with some work from current students, in a time capsule which will be re-opened in 50 years time, on 11th May, 2068.

Click the YouTube link to see the short film [4:44]

YouTube 2  Elizabeth South - From the Mouth