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D2 News

Term 3, 2017

In D2 we are powerful learners who like to stretch our brain and challenge our thinking while learning.

In Term 3 we are developing our independence, while choosing the learning sequence during our ‘Daily 5’ routines. By choosing which activities we complete, we get to have ownership over our learning and improve our perseverance and stamina. We choose between:

  • Read to Self
  • Read to Somebody
  • Listen to Reading
  • Word Work
  • Work on Writing

In Maths we are working on increasing our bank of problem solving strategies that help us to solve complex maths problems. Why don’t you try one for yourself?

I have three dogs of different ages.

If I add their ages together I get 15.

If I multiply their ages together I get 45.

How old are my dogs?

This Term in Science, we are exploring Living Thing. First, learning how to classify something as living, once-living or never living. Next, we will be exploring animal life-cycles and habitats.

We are lucky enough this Term to be able to participate as a whole class in a percussion lesson weekly. This supports our in class music learning.