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News from Miss Kylie's Class

This year is whizzing by, it is hard to believe we are already in term 3. We have lots of exciting things planned for this term with students deciding to learn about the Ocean.

In week 3 we will be visiting The Adelaide Museum with a focus on the ocean and Aboriginal culture. Students have each chosen a sea creature to investigate and are currently writing questions to explore. In Math's we are focusing on fractions and continuing to develop number concepts. We are continuing do Bookmaking and Daily 5 in literacy with a focus on non-fiction books.


A number of students have asked to do homework. I believe that the best homework a student can do is to read, explore and play. Having said that I am happy for students to do more formal homework if they would like to. I will be sending home readers, sight-words and a homework book with students over the next week. I will also send home homework sheets which can be completed by students if they choose to. I do not want homework to become a negative experience at home so please remember it is not compulsory.


Highlights of Term 2

We got to read the books we published to C4 and C5. It was like when Mr Chris’s class reads to us. I really liked it because I got to read to lots of different people. They all really liked my book.                    By Jake

We were doing STEM and we had to make a tower that holds a ball and is taller than a ruler. It was quite hard so I needed a bit of help from Jessica. Then we shared our towers with the class. In the end my tower managed to hold the little green tennis ball and the little blue ball. It was hard but fun.                    By Maddison

Mr Math came to visit and we got to play lots of different Maths games. I really liked the spider game where you had to get a ball through a maze. Mr Math was really funny.                    By Jessica