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In week 1 there was such a commotion,
because our classroom looks like the ocean.
We're very excited for our learning in Term 3,
C19 will be learning about the Forest and the Sea!
Students will write Information Reports about different animals and how they move,
and set Literacy goals so their reading and writing will improve.
In Science our topic is Fur, Feathers and Leaves,
we will learn what animals can do, look like and even how it breathes.
Maths is tricky but we like it the best,
We work so hard to grow our brains our teacher is always impressed.
Division and multiplication teach us to group and share
we can work by ourselves or even in a pair.
Our teacher gives us problems to solve,
These help our brain and our Maths strengths evolve.
We are working in AUSLAN to remember how to sign,
We can say hello, how are you? and tell you the time.
In History we are researching events and celebrations,
In Geography we are using maps to locate different nations.
In Art with Miss Kim are making mosaics,
It is lots of fun and we are learning from our mistakes.
In PE with Mr Gardiner we are playing ball games,
and Health we are learning about our bodies and body part names.
In STEM with Mr Rob we are learning about electricity,
the properties of materials including elasticity.
This term we have so much to do, we can't wait for all the fun,
Let's hope we haven't planned too much and we can get it all done!