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Welcome to TERM 3



An important part of our daily routine is shared fruit. We ask that you send 1 piece of fruit each day that your child enjoys. All the fruit is cut and offered to the students.

This time promotes sharing and waiting skills, as well as improving oral language skills of asking and using manners.

All students enjoy this time of the day.

Excursion/ Swimming

Students will be continuing swimming from week 1. All students need to have bathers, a towel and a plastic bag. The lessons starts from 8:45am and I will be at the pool from 8:30am for duty of care. Students will walk back to school after swimming lesson. Please come and talk with me if you have any questions. Please remember to pay your swimming fees to me or the front office ($10) by week 5.


Whole school assemblies will be starting from Wednesday week 4. It would be wonderful to see as many parents there as possible.

Child Safety

All students will be taking part in the Child Protection Curriculum. This term we will be looking at ‘Protective strategies’.   We will be looking at rules and people that make us feel safe, saying no and being persistent and assertive.


This term we are continuing to work with the year 2/3 class to practice and learn Auslan. We will be focusing on Deaf culture in Australia and what some of the differences and similarities are between how we communicate and how people who are deaf communicate.




Students need to have a hat this term. If you are unsure if your child has a hat feel free to come and check with me.

Nature Play

Students are free to access our exciting new nature playground during first breaks. If you would like your child to change shoes or have gum boots to wear whilst playing and learning in the space, you can send them to school and they will be kept in the classroom.  




Students will be focusing on Number and Time over the course of the term.

Week 1 and 2: Order and Size

During these weeks students will be expanding their abilities to order things by size and use vocabulary to describe objects by size.

Weeks 3 and 4: Data Collection

Students will be working on counting strategies. Students will also be working on ways to collect and represent data.

Weeks 5 and 6: Measurement

Students will be learning how to measure length and height using nonstandard units and comparing items that have been measured.

Weeks 6 and 7: Number:

Students will be working on representing practical situations to model addition and sharing.

Weeks 8 and 9: Volume

Students will be looking at concepts of volume. Full, empty and half full etc. Students will be using their knowledge of volume in cooking lessons.

Week 10: Revising Measurement

Students will be revising measurement concepts and helping with packing the classroom for the end of the term.



Students are working on becoming independent learners. Each student will be working towards their own individual goals for reading and writing. All students participate in activities to learn the letter of the week.

Students will be learning about the structure of a story; title, characters, setting and beginning, middle and end through the fairy tales.

Students will be looking at what are the real and pretend aspects of these stories and participating in Science and Technology challenges based on these tales.